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Genital Warts – Causes and How to Eliminate Warts

It appears as though new information is being discovered every single day. Now, for those that are researching ways to get rid of warts do not have to use prescription medications or go to doctors. There are different types that you could get, some are smooth, a few are rough, and others grow within clumps.

Genital Warts

A common wart that people get is elevated from the skin and is very rough and dry to touch. This type can appear anywhere about the body. There is the toned wart, which can occur in multiples as well as will pop up on any the main body: face, arms, hands or even legs. This type is common in women who shave their own legs. A wart frequently appearing about the soles of the feet may be the plantar wart or seed wart.

Genital warts are found round the genital and anal area of women and men. Warts can also be on the lips and in the mouth area, these appear as small whitish protrusions, but they are not common. Are you bothered by hpv warts? One sure way to tell if your mark on your skin is actually a wart is to look closely in the natural lines of your pores and skin. If it is actually a wart the skin lines will not continue with wart, they will stop and begin on each side of this. You can also feel the texture from the mark, most are typically rough and never smooth.

Genital Warts

What Causes Warts?

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus also called the HPV virus for brief.

Warts Can Spread Very easily

It is important that you keep the part of the wart clean and don’t choose or scratch at it. Warts can be quite contagious, sometimes even if you simply handle a towel or clothing following a person with warts, you could possibly get the virus.

How to Eliminate Warts

We have all noticed the duct tape theory. A little piece of tape is positioned on the wart and acts like a skin irritant and will cause your body to produce antibodies that will fight from the virus, thus killing wart. This is only one of many simple natural remedies that might help remove unsightly warts, without needing to use harsh medications. You will find other natural ways of looking after similar skin problems such because moles and skin tags. These natural wart remedies do not have the side effects that prescription drugs have.

  • Posted by Admin on September 8, 2014